We are open · 11:00AM - 8:00PM

At Northpoint Custard we’ve embraced the good, old-fashioned custard stand look and feel and given it some cool updates! You will find all the standbys, fresh made-to-order ¼ lb char-grilled burgers on a buttered Sciortino’s roll, Usinger Hot Dogs, Johnsonville Bratwurst and Italian Beef sandwiches.
We also added some Milwaukee favorites like grilled Portobello mushroom, grilled cheese, fried lake perch sandwiches. We serve Yukon Gold crinkle fries and beer-battered onion rings, and the best white cheddar cheese curds.
Our custard is awesome! We use Madagascar vanilla in our custard to give it an extra boost of true flavor. We offer a variety of sauces and cookie/candy add-ins so you can make a customized custard concoction.
Northpoint is a partnership between the Bartolotta Restaurants and the Milwaukee County Parks Department. Stop by to see our fun cow-themed picnic tables and benches and stick around for the best burger and malt on the lakefront!
Northpoint Custard on Milwaukee's lakefront is open May-September (Opening and closing dates vary per season.) The Downtown Kitchen and Mitchell International Airport locations are open year round. Items and prices vary by location.
Northpoint Custard - Ice Cream Sundae on Milwaukee's Lakefront